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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in my booking?

All of our booking includes the unit you select, a protective tarp, FULL set up, play and safety instructions, proper length extension cord, ONE water hose (if needed), and a 1.0hp-2.0hp (120 amp) electric blower.

What happens if the weather turns bad on the day of your event?

We keep a close eye on the weather throughout the week. If bad weather is anticipated, we will first reach out to you and make sure you want to proceed with your rental. After that, we will monitor the weather up until the last minute. If the weather prevents the rental from taking place, a FULL refund will be made immediately. Or, you may move your booking to another open date instead of the refund. Both options will almost always be available to you. We cannot guarantee availability of any unit. Especially on holiday weekends.

What is the definition of “Bad Weather.”

The Jumping Company defines bad weather as simply as possible with one question. Will this weather put any participants in danger while using the unit? Weather conditions that will jeopardize safety are, wind speeds, lightning, rain, ice, snow, excessive heat, or any unforeseen circumstance that may pose a danger to participants.

Does someone have to be there for Set up and Pick up?

-For Set up, somebody over the age of 18 must be present before one of our partners may leave the residence or area after the completion of setup. This is required due to the 1on1 walkthrough our partners guide you through before use. All areas are covered and any special instructions for that particular unit will be conveyed. 


-For Pick up, we do not require anyone present for retrieval of the unit. As long as there are no animals in the backyard, we can enter through a gate and collect the unit and all the equipment. If this is the case, you will receive a text message when we arrive at your residence and begin the pickup. Upon completion, we will take a photo of your gate, CLOSED, and send it to you, along with a message of completion.

What to do if the unit loses power.

-IMMEDIATELY remove all participants. For Water slides, loss of power will be apparent, but participants will have enough time to make their way down the unit to safety. For units with enclosed tops such as bounce houses or combo units, all of our units have safety velcros located at the top of the unit. If the participants do not have enough time to exit the unit via the entrance/exits points, they should move to the netting points where breathing is unrestricted, until the unit can be reinflated, or they will need to be retrieved through the safety flap located at the top of the unit. If power is lost, getting everyone out of the unit is top priority. Figuring out the power is second. Do not spend time trying to get power back to the unit until all participants are out/off the unit. If this is ever the case, The Jumping Company must be notified IMMEDIATELY. 

What to do when not using the unit.

We prefer that the unit stays inflated for as long as possible, but when the night is over, you may turn the blower off, or unplug the unit. The unit will deflate and collapse on itself. When ready to use again, turn the power back on. Almost every single one of our units will take between 1-2 minutes to fully inflate and be ready for use again.


-Animals should not be around the unit. If you have animals that must be let outside periodically, this is generally not a problem. From our experience, as long as the unit is INFLATED, animals will generally stay away from it. This is not always the case, only generally. Please proceed with caution. 

Things not to DO/HAVE.

-Please do not have anything sharp that could puncture the unit inside or around the inflatable. Shoes are never allowed on a water unit, and may only be worn in very limited circumstances. Socks are always recommended. 


-NO SILLY STRING. This fun party favor will completely ruin a unit. Especially if it sits in the sun. 


-NO GUM, CANDY, or any food items may be on or inside the unit. 

Water and Electric Bill

Each water unit has a pressure regulation system on the connection points of the unit. In cases where there is a pool (most), once the pool is full, the regulator will prevent excess use of water. We have never seen a spike in a utility bill. Usage is minimal. 


Each unit requires only ONE, 120 amp electrical outlet. We never use two blowers on any of our units. If the unit is at a point where it cannot be inflated without a single blower, that unit is retired. This is a safety protocol. Depending on the unit, the size of the blower will vary, as well as the amount of electricity required. We have never seen a spike in a utility bill. Usage is minimal. 

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